Monday, April 14, 2014

This and That

These little flowers may be the only blooming thing left in my yard by morning since we're under a freeze warning ~ on April 14th!  Even I'm beginning to complain!  The lilacs are just ready to open their buds, so I'm considering cutting them and bringing them inside to enjoy for a while at least.

As of 1:18 p.m. today, I am officially crowned!!  On two teeth that is.  These are the first crowns I have ever had and although it all went well, I don't beg to have another one.  A lot has changed in the way crowns are made and put on teeth.  I didn't even have to have an impression made, you know, with that "container" full of stuff that's put in your mouth and hardens to the point you think all your teeth will be pulled out when it's removed.  I dreaded that part, but instead the dentist took pictures of the teeth that would get the crowns and these were put into a computer thingy.  I thought he was stapling something on the teeth because that's what it sounded like.  Then those images were put into a computer machine thing which sculpted the new crown.  Isn't that amazing?? After an hour of "baking" the crown was ready, with no returning in a few days to have it put on.  They feel so smooth.

I'm really bad to let things bother me and I worry about something for days before the time for those things to happen.  So that was the worse part of the crowning process.  After the numbing swabs were put into my mouth, before the shots, and the assistant had left the room, I began shaking real bad.  Even up into my chest and shoulders.  The thought crossed my mind, maybe I'm having an allergic reaction to the stuff.  But in reality I think this is the way a panic attack affects me because I've had this happen before when I'm under stress.  So I took a few long, cleansing breaths and thought myself through it with the help of God.  By the time the dentist came in I had calmed down.  Very aggravating!!

Do you remember the kitten I couldn't reach to take down from the top of the stock trailer?  I figured I'd never see her again, and then one day, there she was, an adolescent, with her mother.  I fed her, gradually was able to pet her while she ate, and soon was able to pick her up.  Now she absolutely loves me!  If it weren't for these dogs (grr-rr) I'd bring here home with me for an inside cat.  But since she would have to stay inside ALL the time I won't do it.  She has even tried to follow me home a time or two from the shed.  Food does wonders doesn't it?

Enough said for today I think.  The farmer is buying some thread for me this afternoon so I can work on the next hope chest item.  I may fall behind on this project when hay season starts.  Of course we've got to have some warmer weather so the grass will grow; we're still feeding hay!

Have a good evening,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Hope Chest Addition

The hope chest addition for April is a quilted, patchwork table runner.

Just right for a country kitchen.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Calming Work

I was a little stressed at times this past winter and found that crocheting seemed to calm me.  I like to make blankets for babies so I purchased four skeins of BERNAT Softee Baby yarn in these beautiful pastel colors.

The pattern was very simple: 2 double crochet, chain 2, and 1 single crochet, all the way through;  remember, I didn't want to be stressed by a difficult pattern.  It is a wonderfully soft blanket.

And what about the little cherub wrapped in the blanket?  She's a sweet rescued baby doll with the sweetest smile and a delightful laugh (when her hair is pulled).  She's the perfect size to wear my premature baby girl's clothes which I have kept for these 46 years.  Love her!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A New Start

We got baby chickens around noon yesterday;

69,800 peeping babies spread out among four houses.

For the first two or three days the chicks stay close to the feed trays and water lines.

After all these years of raising chickens, I'm still amazed at how quickly the babies learn to drink from the nipples.  One chick sees a drop of water and his curiosity leads him to it, then others have to see what it's all about.  Oh my! to think that when we first started in 1972 we used jugs to water the babies; the jugs had to be kept clean and filled often.

So today I start over again in my role as "Mother Hen".

Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh.
Shadows of the evening steal across the sky.
When the morning wakens, then may I arise,
Pure and fresh and sinless in Thy holy eyes.


Monday, March 17, 2014

Dresses for Spring

Let's go shopping for spring dresses ~ doll dresses, that is!

Maybe dresses for Easter,

school and play dresses,

and shorts sets for the warmer days to come.

These clothes are made to fit American Girl dolls.  There are many patterns available in pattern catalogs in department stores, and  several online sites offer free PDF files for clothes also, and some sites have patterns for sale.  I'm the type of person who can't whip up something without a pattern; even with a pattern things don't always fit.

I don't have an American Girl doll; oh how I wish I did!  A few years ago I bought four porcelain dolls through eBay, thinking I could fill that void of not having pretty dolls when I was little.  It didn't work; their clothes were made to stay on them so sewing for them wasn't really possible.  Looking back I wish I had just bought one AG doll instead of four porcelain dolls.

Do you sew for dolls?  Are there any little girls in your family for whom you could make doll clothes?  If so, check out Google for free patterns and make some little girl very happy.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Scrappy Log Cabin quilts are my favorite quilts to make, whether for a big bed or for a baby.

This one is made from six inch blocks, paper pieced, and quilted down the center (more or less, or perhaps I should say more and less, since every line might not be centered) of each log, and is for a baby.

The binding is also scrappy, made from snippets of bindings left from large quilts.

Some people prefer baby quilts with appliqued animals, etc., which end up being wall hangings.  This quilt is to be used for a warm covering or a play mat.

A hint for the next hope chest item: it went on the quilt frames as soon as this quilt was taken off.


Monday, March 10, 2014

I felt a little like Joseph today

since I had my dental appointment this morning.  Why do we always dread going to the dentist?  I think I hate being leaned back so far; makes all my insides feel like they're sliding up into my throat.  Then, I never know just what to do with my tongue, and I'm sure I'll strangle on some excess water.

I'm having trouble with my teeth; they've shifted enough that it's hard for me to eat some things.  I guess it all goes back to having a crooked tooth all through my childhood and into adulthood.  It was always there, an embarrassment of sorts, until I reached my mid forties and took the plunge to have them straightened.  I think I wore the braces for about three years and always thought it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  When the braces were removed I was fitted with retainers which I wore at night until the last few months.  After two jaw teeth broke off after eating hard peanut brittle, I left the retainers off for a while.  Suddenly, I can't chew well because my back teeth don't line up properly, and the top retainer won't even go over my teeth.  Isn't it strange, after at least 25 years, that the teeth would move?  They're still straight, just shifted.  I've also had TMJ and wonder if this could be the reason.

Today the dentist tried to adjust the retainer for me but it still wouldn't fit, so I have to make the decision: to have the two caps put on and a new retainer.  Since my teeth are strong I think I must do this for myself.

Have a good week,